Eliminate Chargebacks and Protect Your Business

Create a custom URL for credit card statements so that your customers can request a refund through our web form, without damaging your reputation with costly chargebacks.

The smart solution to minimize chargebacks 

Payment providers like Stripe, PayPal, Venmo, Square and others charge you for every chargeback you receive. Moreover, if chargebacks exceed 0.8% of your transactions, they can terminate your account, freeze your funds for an indefinite period, and prevent your customers from making payments.

With EasyRefund.Me, you can create a personalized URL like EasyRefund.Me/YourBusiness and add it to your customers’ credit card statements.

Instead of initiating a costly chargeback that harms your business reputation and puts you at risk of being removed from the payment processor, customers can simply visit your personalized URL: EasyRefund.Me/Business. 

There, they will find your business name, a description, and a form they can fill out. The form will be sent to you via email, allowing you to communicate with the customer and process the refund if necessary.

Simple pricing

$ 99 Annually
  • 30-day unlimited trial
  • No credit card required
  • Then $99 per year

To keep your custom URL, simply subscribe for just $99 per year.

Why use EasyRefund.Me?

Eliminate Chargebacks, Protect Your Business, and Enhance Customer Satisfaction.

Only 5 minutes to setup

Create your business account, add the custom URL to Stripe, PayPal, or your payment processor, and you're all set. Instead of receiving chargebacks, you will receive refund requests via email.

Prevent chargebacks

Chargebacks can occur due to customer disputes or regretting a purchase. With our tool, you will significantly reduce chargebacks.

Reply by email

Many customers will recall their purchase upon reading your custom URL. Those who wish to request a refund will do so by filling out a web form that will be sent to your email, allowing you to respond accordingly.

It pays for itself

Each chargeback costs you $15 + transaction fee. We only need to prevent 7 chargebacks in a year for EasyRefund to pay for itself and save you from further damaging your business reputation.

Ready to start reducing chargebacks?
30-day unlimited trial


Choose the custom URL you want to create (EasyRefund.Me/YourBusiness), the name and description of your company, and an email to receive refund requests.

Visit EasyRefund.Me/YourBusiness to preview what your clients will see.

The name and description are crucial because 15% of refunds occur due to clients forgetting what they purchased.

Add the custom URL to Stripe, PayPal, Venmo and the payment processor you use.

Stripe: Go to Settings > Public details > Statement descriptor

PayPal: Go to Profile > Business Setup > Account Setup > Make your business name clear for customers

When a customer sees their credit card statement, instead of calling the credit card company and requesting a chargeback, they will visit the custom URL, place a refund request, and it will be sent to your email. You’ll be able to handle it directly without paying additional fees or affecting your reputation.

You’ll enjoy a free 30-day trial for your account. To keep your custom URL, simply subscribe for just $99 per year.